Illogical and Frustrated attempt by RSS to debunk Arayn Invasion reality :
| 13 Jun 2018

Jan uday through the many world scientific Researches and studies it has been proven that Aryans Invaded India in different phases of Time and slowly and gradually captured India by Killing aboriginals . roots of Brahman / Arayn and Sanskrit Language has been found at many parts of European world . Apart from these time to time Many time Arayn / Brahman themselves had proved that they had come from Outside India . Jawahar Lal Nehru , Bal Gangadhar Tilak , Rabindernath Tagore reasserted their origin and proudly declared themselves as Arayn
Perhaps Arayn would never have thought that this being an Arayan and its assertion one day would put their very existence in danger as Locals would start a nationwide campaign . though Arayn’s would used most effective weapon of art and culture they developed figmented folk stories, myths and religious stories about their supremacy and ability to rule as the divine message by God .

Historically 180 BC had been the time when Brahman / Arayn came into power when a Brahman General of King Vrahadasth the Grandson of Emperor Ashoka killed him and totally exterminated the Boudhist community , they boudhist people who ran away to save their lives in Jangal at that Now called tribal , technically they divided the society ino many parts/ caste and made aboriginals as shudra and also created stories that this division is made by the God .
Anyway its been ages aboriginals sepnt the slavery and Now educated ,awaked , mobilized,and are now fighting for their Basic Human rights

But the Still Arayn Community is not ready to give them the Basic Human rights and trying their Best to suppress the Aboriginals through Communal Rights , Cow- terrorism , Caste terrorism , through anti Reservation scheme , creating dived in education system , and many policie are being formed tailred , fabricated to stop anger of aboriginals

In the course another attempt have been made by the RSS through their RSS Man that vedic era has been developed by the Locals and no Sign of Arayn Invasion has been found in a DNA Study of skeletal at the same time they use the word “ Minor Invasion Proof “ has been found
The most hilarious, ridiculous part of this study is that by doing skeletal study they have declared that Vadic Era was developed by Locals in Harrapan Age Now can anyone imagine that how a skeltel can tell that Vadic or any era started when ?? this is the academic and intellectual Bankruptcy of the Duo RSS man that they just declared even archeological evidence can not prove it and most interestingly so far in any academic research or archeological Research any sign of Rig vadic Age has been found , like sculpture , stone carving of any deity , wood carving idols of God and Goddess described in Rigveda

The more interesting part of it is that RSS people have never been able to trace the any archeological proof or findings to establish that Ramayan and Mahbharata ever existed , like no palaces , No coin , No art work or anything except bogus stories created by Brahmans Current attempt of DNA Study shows frustration , fear and fiasco on RSS part