Sri Sri Ravi Shankar most dangerous Hate Spreader psychic
| 24 Jun 2018

Maintaining peace and harmony amongst highly diversified society cannot be handled , guided by the Law and Order alone , the peace and progress is guided and supported by its people ,democratic institutions and the parallel social group .

But In India every thing seems moving in reverse and deviant direction , allegedly called or self styled saint or sadhus have been trying to break the society in the name of Caste and religion .
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar a secret agent of Orthodox segment of the Indian Society who proclaimed to be the Sons and daughter of God had come out from the mouth of Brahma Creator of the Universe has been spreading the word of Hate by saying that Reservation for the poor and weaker section of the Indian society can invoke the revolt in Indian society .

Perhaps ignoring the very facts and statistics of India that 85 % of the Indian People comes under Reservation and these 85 % people gets only 51 % of the total stake whereas 15 % upper caste enjoy fearlessly and by hook and crook 85 % of the total jobs in all government and Semi government organizations recent statement by Ravi Shankar and earlier statement on Babri Mosque reflect the same thing

Ravi Shankar is the Man who work worldwide for Yoga and Peace through his organization the Art of Living perhaps befooling people of world

Even on the thousands of pray and petitions by the suppresses group of Indian Society dominated castes i.e upper caste who is handling everything in polity , judiciary forcefully and lawlessly ignoring the demands of 85% people of the land and eating the stakes of poor people .

See the very interesting things that these same Ravi Shankar and hislike people and groups always demand the diversity and equity abroad , like USA , Canada , Europe and everywhere but the same people they look at India they support lynching of Low Caste people , they support caste terrorism they fund the movements against the Muslims

Now a days Ravi Shankar has become the Biggest Hate spreader in India

Who says 15 % people will Revolt against 85 % landless , Poor weaker People of India

Who says India will Become Syria if Temple is not built in Ayodhya

Who Says Caste system and attached atrocity is the message of God